Hire gold cup horse racing game for your wedding party and give guests of all ages the chance to become the fun horse racing game champion. Whether you are theming your Wedding or just looking for various forms of entertainment, our gold cup horse racing game is for you. 4 players at a time compete by jockeying their horse head up and down as fast as they possibly can, while their mechanical horse moves along the track. This top of the range interactive equipment is similar to games seen at funfairs and arcades across the country. For a Wedding or a horse race night this horse racing game hire is great entertainment for all to enjoy.

As well as supplying top of the range games for hire at weddings up and down the country, such as our electronic horse racing game, we also offer a wide range of other products and services that can help with your big day. We can find venues, catering staff, provide décor, props and backdrops, as well as event management. Of course if you were just looking to hire games such as our horse racing games to hire, then we can supply that too. We have everything possible to theme your wedding and if you were a fan of equestrianism then hiring a horse race evening for your wedding party will be a great choice. A horse racing theme party is great fun for guests of all ages and our horse racing games hire will add wonders to the event.

Of course you don’t have to theme an entire wedding to enjoy our event game hire. You can hire horse racing game for any Wedding party, whether it is themed or not, and you can choose to hire race night equipment individually or as a package deal. As mentioned before, we can supply equipment and entertainment across the UK, throughout the year, and the majority of our products and services are available for both indoor and outdoor events. The Gold Cup requires 4 players which means there is a high turn over of competitors, ensuring that everyone has a go. Another advantage is that it’s fairly compact and will fit nicely into almost any venue, without being too over-bearing or distracting. To find out more about this product and all over available services, give our sales team a call. We can open your eyes to the many possible entertainment options available to you and your unique Wedding.